growth groups

Join a Growth Group.

Here's a list of our current Growth Groups that meet throughout the week. If you'd like more information about any of them, call the church office and let us know!

For all


  • Bonam Group (East Canton) at 6:00pm
  • Moore Group (Louisville) at 6:00pm


  • Men's Group at 6:00am

Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm

  • Women in Schaffter Hall
  • Men on the 2nd floor
  • Youth in rooms 101 & 106
  • Kids in rooms 203 & 305


  • Men's Breakfast at Lowry's at 8:00am

  • Dubois Group (at the Church) at 6:00pm


Tuesdays: Men's Breakfast Group (Schaffter Hall) at 6:00am

Wednesdays:  6:30-8:00pm- 2nd floor

Thursdays:  Men's Breakfast at the Lowry's at 8:00am



Wednesdays:  6:30-8:00pm- Schaffter Hall